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With confidence comes progress - [act4ward - mission statement]

Each year since the inception of The Halfling Project a review takes plans which sets the foundations for the next year.

2018 was different because outside the basic support remit of The halfling Project much of the act4ward open work was put on hold due to personal family matters.

For 2019 therefore we are starting with a new sheet, new contributors and new work.

Lets start with the basic brief - 

To build up confidence and self understanding by the use of conversation, drama and audio visual media. To encourage new and young performers to advance, be it towards a career in the industry or any other reason where such work can benefit.

Act4ward is biased toward actors and acting and fully supports those who may be on the autistic spectrum or struggling with confidence and anxiety - but this is an open work - all are welcome - no previous acting experience is required but a desire to put effort in, enjoy yourself and have enthusiasm for the task in hand is what we are looking for.

This does not mean you have to know anything at the start - the idea is to get you there in an enjoyable and productive program.

More experienced actors are also welcome - they be be former act4ward contributors wanting to give something back to those starting out and the project - or they may be commissioned to take part in particular ventures and projects.

Because act4ward wants to be adaptable no solid rules of entry are set - the first meeting decides where we go from there .

You may be invited to continue - and then it's your choice from there.

It is possible you may have applied to a particular casting - in which case you will be provided with all the details and support required.

A particular port of entry encouraged is those who have found they enjoy drama at school and want to build on it .

It's worth noting many I have worked with had no idea how talented they were, but worked hard and found a natural talent built up to a career in performance, working in tv film and theatre .

Act4ward is not designed as an acting workshop, or a formal drama course - but it can lead those taking part to have the confidence to take the leap into formal training, and also to avoid being taken advantage of by commercial acting workshops that are more about profit than talent, and that's their profit not yours.

If you want to be a professional actor - the opportunities are there, but so are the scams - so be aware of what to avoid, and what may be poor value for money.

It is possible with acthalfwild to get lots of video and a/v work to show what you can do without charge on a mutual advantage agreement which is explained in detail as you read on.

The first step to work with act4ward is to make yourself known - then we can go from there.

Look forward to meeting many of you.


Working with William David


It's not all bright lights


It can be hard work!


William David 

February 2019