William david


video is not standing still!

Since the start of The halfling project video work has slowly increased within it. 

Now in 2019 act4ward through the project InvisAble Me and it's general advancement finds video has overtook stills work for the first time.

Video work within act4ward is a means to an end - to build up personal self confidence in those taking part and showcasing their talent.

It is not designed to be "professional" work and has no such pretentions.

That said the increased investment in equipment and in time shows the importance of this work now.

The video work is building a set of old fashioned film styles in a modern meduim.

Most drama work is period drama work, and camera work owes more to the principles of film making of the past - which after all was my formative training.

This style is quite alien to many young actors - brought up on the slick cinematic techniques of today.

Despite the intentional old fashioned approach - the work can cover past present and future, be funny or sad or even dramatic!

CGI is used when it is likely to add to the filming - but in moderation.

It remains important that the actors come first and the technical considerations second.

Simplicity here makes perfect sense.