The Halfling project and act4ward are designed to blend together by using drama as part of the Halfling Project program for those with special needs within the autistic spectrum.

Whilst the traditional approach with special needs support is cognitive behavioral therapy and variations from this - act4ward brings drama into it and it tends to be very popular.

Those on the spectrum or allied conditions can certainly benefit from this approach and tend to be rather good at it.

Many however do not have the confidence to join in with conventional school drama or to join clubs and weekend acting schools. Sometimes they simply can be hard to work with in conventional group sessions, as they need additional support a drama teacher often cannot provide in a general class.

This work is with mainly 15+ boys although younger may apply.

It is for those whose autism fits the brief of The Halfling Project - although it is important to stress anyone in the age range can apply and take part - they do not need to be with special needs.

Most early drama is solo certainly until the personal confidence builds - or with friends working together.

As confidence builds and if the actor is ready group work can be undertaken.

In 2019 a special film project "invisAble Me" produced here will cast from those taking part in drama work within act4ward and The Halfling project.

The drama aspect covers working with stills and video cameras - and is set to build up personal confidence and personal self understanding. 

For some it can be the entry to the world of acting and performance - even as a career option.

First and foremost however it is set to be enjoyable with tangible results for all involved.

Most free to feature and Halfling project drama work takes place at the station.

For more details please get in touch.


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