the right attitude for the  acting world


It takes only a few seconds to make up your mind about someone - that may be unfair - but we all do it - how you present yourself and having the right attitude can be simply whether you get the casting or not.

Those within the autistic spectrum shouuld not be afraid at castings - be honest about yourself and you will soon find how autism friendly the creative industries can be.

With the new celebrity status brought about by social media - attitude has got itself some credabilty and there is a concern that old folks like me just "don't get it" . For many new "stars" out there being loud brash and obnoxious makes them a fortune, gives them credabilty and suddenly fame.

It is not surprising that many within the professional industry find this quite annoying . See it from  their point of view - they work hard often for years building up their craft to find some loud monkey getting the casting because they shout a lot on You Tube.

Trouble is attitude was a problem even before this with young actors - but now it seems worse because the rewards seem to be there.

However on the positive side there are still lots and lots of new acting talent each year who are a credit to themselves their teachers and the industry, and it is those I am interested in here.

I have an advantage now with act4ward - I never had in the past - I can literally choose who I work with and if they exhibit an attitude I don't like then I simply do not work with them

The industry is much the same - it will take attitude from stars - but not from those on the first rungs of the ladder with heads bigger than their experience.

It's getting on with people - even those you don't particulary like for the good of the work.

It's about respect for fellow actors, production staff and the cleaners who you may be delaying by getting your lines wrong on set.

I have some people I have worked with who are always welcome, and who I would always find time for - they have earned that.

In return many of them take the same attitude towards me and my work here.

A good gauge of someone is if they are there for you as much as you are for them.

The nature of the work here and the halfling project is that some who go forward to the industry are challenged by being on the autistic spectrum or have a special needs condition which they see as a barrier to success.

It seriously does not have to be - many creatives in the industry at all levels are themselves on the spectrum and understand issues with social situations, meeting new people and experiences. Be honest and they will more often than not surprise you with their support towards you.

You can only do so much - always try to be honest open and friendly.

Try not "to use" people or talk behind their backs [it's a very small industry] in a negative way. Remember you act and perform because you enjoy it , take pride in your work and your building reputation and networking success.

This is a subject covered often in great detail when someone works on act4ward and even long after someone has been here they know they always get back in touch if they want to talk. 


Attitude extends to not just being likeable, but friendly cooperrative and seeing both sides of an argument.

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