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Well now - it came to pass - 

Ok - I know your all to young to remember Up Pompeii and the great Frankie Howard catchphrase, so I move on....

Actually no there is a point to these titterings from the past - Frankie Howard would have been 100 as I write this - yes 100 missis - I kid you not ... [ your right I can't keep this up]....!!

The point is actors today will be seen for generations to come - the industry is expanding at a great pace with Netflix and Amazon going into mass worldwide production alongside the usual players.

This is an exciting time both for performers and those on the technical side of things.

Celebrity has become mass access by the galloping pace of self promotion through You Tube and Social Media. 

So anyway back to The Prologue - this website is designed to combine the work from The Halfling project with that of Act4ward. It also forms as an introduction to the new work for 2019 - InvisAble Me.

Let's briefly look at what the work here is about and perhaps importantly what it is not.

It is not actors training - it is preperation by the use of drama and performance in it's simplist form to produce performers with the personal self confidence to move forward - in what can be a very demanding industry.

It allows those who just want to have a go to have a go - it builds up understanding with those who struggle with or have yet to understand their autism or who have lacked special needs support or only just discovered why they are as they are.

in a safe informal environment a whole range of performers are encouraged to build on their talents and to understand themselves and understand others.

It is important to stress that many taking part are neurotypical - the aim is to have a blend of talent not governed by anything other than enthusiasm.

So welcome - have a look round and if your interested in becoming involved or know someone who might feel free to get in touch. The work here is mainly public viewing open access work which often costs nothing to join in ans give it a try and upon invitation might extend to a series of work. 

Some of the work for 2019 will need to commision more experienced young actors to work on particular projects and to work with those starting out and finding their way. Any offers of help is always appreciated  particularly from former participants who have moved on into the industry but want to give something back. Individual castings will indicate also the terms of the casting - you won;t get rich working here, but you will get the satisfaction of a job well done.


BBC 1971 - Frankie Howard - Up Pompeii


Luke Dunn - actor 18

So here we are - with Spring around the corner the quest for new talent be it for one day or regular visits begins.




William David

February 2019

Actor Jonathan Thorp  Halfling Project/act4ward - 2015-18

Lord of the Flies has been a popular work - I worked on first at school and then it followed me!

This year I am finally producing a total video/audio guide to the work based on period theatre production, school GCSE script - the film and the book. Here Edward improvises Jack after his rescue explaining himself - first take no rehersal.. Edward has no formal acting training - this was very new to him .