William david


Autism & Acting

It is not by coincidence that the autistic mind lends itself well to the creative process, and acting is a good example of this.

Autism is common within the world of writors, photographers, artists, musicians, performers and actors to name but a few.

Here, as in the work genarally we are using the term "autistic" to cover the range of special needs within this sector, some of which are not strictly included on the autistic spectrum. Many young actors are in fact not diognosed officially as autistic, and they themselves are in the dark to their condition and thought processes and that feeling of "being different" is just how they are.

Remember in the work The Halfling Project the remit are those with special needs/autism but are not aware of it or have kept it away from friends and family.

The autistic brain certainly lends itself to being creative - often known as natural or outstanding talent in the individual.

Here is not the place to go into detail about this, that is covered elsewhere - but simply to present the fact .

Act4ward works with both neurotypical and autistic actors as a mix intentionally to provide a mix of talent, but also to avoid giving a personal label to any involved.. Whilst I personally would encourage openess in regard to being autistic it must be the right of the infividual to decide who and when others know - or indeed if they wish not to tell.

As a spectrum the contribution autism can make to a performer can vary greatly - many components of having autism can have a very positive effect on a young actor, and the negative factors such as increased anxiety for example can be with work and understanding controlled.

Elsewhere in the work I may detail these factors - but here let's just be clear autism often encourages talent, and solongs it is reconised and taken into account it holds few fears with personal understanding - and that's part of the projects job.

The work on the act4ward project "InvisAble Me" starting in Spring 2019 will reflect autism within drama.

Within in this section the aim will be to cover how autism can impact in a positive way for performers and how the work here can help those move forward, understand themselves and how others see them.

Remember the work within this project is open to all however - and whatever obsticles you may reach we can work on together to get you over them and moving forward.

In other words let's not label anyone - lets just work together.

From lack of confidence to high functioning autism we can find the best parh to move forward with your performance and the industry and remember the golden rule - never give up on your dreams.

SonnyBoy Skelton plays Kev and James D "dad" in this not very serious take on an autistic son! - 2017 - [Halfling Project]

James now plays Kev's brother in a later segment of the "Kev" series - this one "Waterpark"  [2017]