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Why I like acting

All I knew as a schoolboy was I loved drama - not singing [the sound of Music still haunts me] certainly not dancing - but drama - from writing it, directing it producing it , lighting it, recording it and yes performing it.

At this time drama was normally tied in with English lessons and pure drama classes did not happen until late in my school career.

So if I loved drama so much - why did I not go on to act?

Simple I hated the all engulfling stagefright that came with it - also could be classed as anxiety - that conflict between doing something you enjoy and something which makes you feel awful sick and wanting to be anywhere else but the stage.

I was fine with sound work or behind the scenes but the stage was a trial.

Ofcourse I pushed myself as far as I could but for me the fright was very real, and hardly believed because I was "so confident" in everything - thus proving that first fact - actors often become actors by becoming someone they are not - confident and happy at home and at school, with friends and with strangers.

Act4ward the drama section of my work has been setup to address the many reasons those who love acting don't do more of it or follow their dreams towards an acting career after school . It deals with not just what you need to know to get started but also the understanding of the personal demands on the actor in producing and playing character. It helps with understanding personal self confidence in performing for stage, tv and film or audio work as well as all the publicity and photography that surrounds the process. Even if the aim is not to be an actor, drama can be a great leveller and teacher of life and can be fun in the process.

As a career it can be, no is hard work - rejection is part of the job and there can be long spells of waiting for that big break.

But those who catch the acting bug know it's what they want to do, and act4ward hopefully can build on that ready for that next big step - be it formal acting training or entry into the world of castings and roles.

In this section we explore the world of acting, how act4ward work, how drama is made - how actors are made [or born] .

I hope you find it interesting.

William David - March 2019.