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3 - 2 - feature

With confidence comes progress - [act4ward - mission statement]

This website [] covers the non commercial aspect of my work - open work - work which is seen and reflects what happens at act4ward.

Participants of act4ward are not charged to take part in what the industry calls a time for agreement. Here we give a new snappy title 3 - 2 - feature [free to feature].

The agreement is in return for your efforts you get mine free and vice versa and we both share the results. There will still be some work which remains confidential when learning new techniques or building up personal self confidence work.

The copyright remains with act4ward but the work you do is yours to use in your promotion and publicity. This means you can gain self tapes, photo sets, headshots and video work without costing you.

In return I gain your work to show what I do and how act4ward works.

It is not a free option - but one from which we both gain.

32F is for those starting out, those introduced by drama groups/schools and more experienced actors wanting to work with act4ward and use the results, or simply to help out.

Much of the work on InvisAble Me is set for those starting out this way - supported by more experienced actors either working with act4ward voluntary or by casting commisions for the role [roles]

Those taking part in 32F would start with an introduction meeting.

After this they may be offered to continue on 32F terms - but number of places are strictly limited - so it is not always possible to offer this.

Factors such as ease of travel, and time available to take part are an important consideration too - you can be the best actor in the world but if your diary does not allow time to take part then obviously it cannot work.

Most meetings will be based at the station or local to the station locations - but some away from base opportunities will be available.

More information can be found within the work and social media or simply by contacting William David via the contact page.


Outside location work


Stills and video/ audio work


Solo or with others